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Kimaterials is a supplier of quality sand and gravel.

Below is a listing of products that are currently available for usage from Kimaterials.

State Concrete Sand: Meets the state specification for the ready mix industry.
Fine Masonry Sand: Used in brick and block mortar and under pavers or other landscaping applications
Torpedo Gravel: Used for landscaping and exposed aggregate (3/8" in size)
C- Gravel: Concrete gravel for ready mix concrete (3/4" - 1 1/4" in size)
B- Gravel: For the landscaping industry and used in back filling (2" in size)
One Inch Gravel

1-Inch Gravel

Two Inch Gravel

2-Inch Gravel

3/8th Inch Gravel

3/8th Inch Gravel

Other Products Available:

Fill Sand
Oversize Material
Road Gravel

For more information or any question please call us.

Contact: Phil Bangert or Brian Viehmann

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